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CECO Publishing Books:

Famulus de Episcopo:
An Adjutant's Manual

Internal Pieces

Breaking the Cycle:
Mental Bondage

From Promise to Delivery:
Conceiving and Delivering the Promises of God
Apostle Nadie DuBose, PhD.
General Overseer Angel Robinson
Women's Fellowship
General Overseer D. Stevens, Sr.
School of Adjutancy
General Overseer Damian Dean
Men's Fellowship
General Overseer LaMont Walker
Minister of Music; Performing Arts
General Overseer Linda Moss
Hospitality; Intercessory Prayer
General Overseer Rance Austin
Event Coordinator
Overseer Kevin Ware
State Overseer, Mississippi
Elder Nikesha Luther
Elder LaToya Stevens
Marketing & Advertising
Prophet Paul McKenzie
School of Prophecy
The Leadership
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