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School of Prophecy

The purpose of the School of Prophecy under CECO Fellowship is to:

  • Instruct churches on the importance, relevance, need, and function of the prophetic voice following  biblical principles, guidelines and protocol

  • Outline the function and purposes of prophets in churches that operate under an apostolic anointing

  • Outline the importance of order and submission in operation of the prophetic gifts

  • Provide insight and instruction on the different types of prophetic expression

  • Train and prepare individuals called into prophetic ministry on principles necessary to successfully operate and minister under a prophetic anointing

  • Encourage and exhort those with a prophetic calling to develop and mature their prophetic anointing through practice under the leadership of the Holy Spirit

The vision of the CECO School of Prophecy is that everyone within our Fellowship would welcome and fully understand the need and importance of prophecy and that there would be opportunities for instruction and training on proper operation of the prophetic gifts. Initially it is proposed that training be provided by instructional workshops offered by this Director or other recognized prophets. It is also proposed that additional guidance and instruction be provided through books on various prophetic topics. I believe that this ministry will be expanded nationally and internationally under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue to follow the leadership of our Prelate Bishop Dr. Russell L. Freeman. Eventually, it is the vision of this school that it will be expanded and acknowledged as an accredited prophetic college that will allow for college credit and the official recognition of those called into this .

Prophet Paul McKenzie, Ph.D.
Director, CECO School of Prophecy

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