Recognizing and Embracing Change

The Spirit of the Lord is ever moving. When we talk about operating in ministry we say phrases like “flowing in the Spirit” (movement) or “getting into the move (duh) of the Spirit”. The thought this month is that the disciple must embrace movement in his ministry in order to stay relevant in the life and ministry of his leader. As your leader moves, you must move, as your leader grows, you grow as well. Traditionally, we church folk have the unconscious mindset that once we are placed in a particular role or plane in ministry, that is the level where we are to operate forever and ever amen…not so. There are times in the disciples life where he must move with his leader (yes, I’m being redundant), and that movement is upward and in an outward expansion.

There is a by-product of the service of a faithful disciple, a by-product that some chose to ignore to the detriment of their own ministry. This by-product is maturation and with maturation comes responsibility. The disciple who seeks to stay on the same plane of existence as when they first got into the business of discipleship is not fulfilling the call on their life. The ministry that we are engaged in as disciples is a two way  street; we serve, uplift and assist our leaders and in return the Lord (and our leaders) honors us by pouring into us, pulling us upward and pushing us forward. This MUST be embraced for the disciple to advance in God’s plan for his/her life. Not solely for their own sakes, but for the sake of those whose lives their ministry will affect.

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