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Men's Fellowship

CECO’s Men’s Fellowship mission is to teach and train men to embrace and fulfill their God given responsibility as Kingdom minded men.

CECO’s Men’s Fellowship vision is to teach and train each male participant of CECO to be a better man, a better father, a better husband, and a more Kingdom minded man.

1.“A…Better Man”
        Understand Kingdom Rulership (and my role in it)
        Daily investment (in the Word of God and myself)
       Accountability (to other men of God)

2.“A…Better Father”
       Connectivity (Are you connect to your kids)
       Responsibility (We must invest)
       Casualty Concept (Bind up the wounded)
       Nurturer (Cultivate love and excellence)

3.“A…Better Husband”
       Prepare Single Men (for Marriage)
       Encourage Married Men (I’m married, but I’m still working on me)

4.“Kingdom Men”
       I am accountable to other Christian Men
       I am responsible for every young man and boy in my sphere of influence
       I am responsible for giving them the Word of God first, then my opinion.
       I am responsible for telling them the Truth, not perpetuate the myths.
       I am responsible for spreading the Kingdom of God into every area of my life.

Please direct inquires about CECO Men's Fellowship to General Overseer Damian Dean: