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CECO Fellowship has created the following departments to ensure that  we  fulfill the Great Commission and reach our fullness in Christ.

- School of Adjutancy       
- Men’s Fellowship        
- Women’s Fellowship        
- Music & Performing Arts        
- Intercessory Prayer        
- Youth & Young Adult Ministry                 
- Christian Education        
- CECO Publishing
- School of Prophecy

We are committed to providing customized training to meet the needs of your Fellowship. What you will find at the heart of CECO is “RELATIONSHIP”! We strive to help members strengthen their relationship with the Lord while also establishing healthy relationships with others in the Body of Christ.

We encourage you to become a part of the CECO Fellowship Family! Download our informational booklet, brochure, application, and assessment below.

Contact us at
Christians Equipping Christians for Outreach Fellowship, Inc.    P.O. Box 1523 | Columbia, MO |  65205
CECO Publishing Books:

Famulus de Episcopo:
An Adjutant's Manual

Internal Pieces

Breaking the Cycle:
Mental Bondage

From Promise to Delivery:
Conceiving and Delivering the Promises of God